Osiligi Maasai Warriors

This seven-piece troupe from Southern Kenya will be with us at St Mary’s at 7.30pm on Friday 13th October  (not Friday 6th October as originally announced).  They perform authentic and exciting Maasai tribal song and dance plus the world-famous Maasai jumping. For more about the group, and how their annual UK tour helps fund community projects back in their home community, just visit www.osiligiwarriors.co.uk

Tickets for their one-and-only Kidlington performance will be priced at £12 for adults, with no charge for children under 16.  Members of Friends of St Mary’s Kidlington can order at the reduced price of £10.

If you would like to know more about joining the Friends, please see here.

Tickets will be available shortly, from Alison’s Animals (The Parade), Freelance Fabrics (Kidlington Centre) or via the links below.  Or contact Margaret Day directly (tel: 01865-375916, email: fosmk@btinternet.com).

Friends Booking

General Booking